Collecting Echoes is an ongoing photography composition project based on nature. I study small details and amazing vistas looking for visual elements that repeat across times, locations, and materials. The same spark that drives scientists to generate theories about the workings of the physical world, or that motivates philosophers to ponder the spiritual meaning underlying the universe, motivates me. I want to understand how different parts of the world interconnect. Discovering unexpected visual déjà vu through photography, I collect the echoes of a search for meaning that is as old as civilization itself.

I join two images on a single page in order to shift the emphasis from individual landscapes to unforeseen experiences based in the natural world. Different places, perspectives, and objects blend as patterns, lines, and color recur. My compositions balance around a slim white line. That place is reserved for the viewer. It allows them room to discover the interplay between the near and far vantage points, the intimate and infinite relative scales, and to see the natural world in a new way. My compositions invite the viewer into an imaginary natural setting imbued with mystery, reverence, and humor.