This series of diptychs focuses on the interplay between the near and far vantage points, the intimate and infinite relative scales. While the patterns, lines, and colors blend, they are created from photographs of different places and different times, and of completely different types of things.

The combinations always balance an intimate scale and a grand landscape to illustrate the contradiction of wanting to hold on while needing to let go of moments in time. These compositions encourage the viewer to participate in filling in the blanks.


  • exhibition at Hooks-Epstein in 2016
  • included in 2016 corporate installation curated by Kinzelman Art, called Crystal Visions.
  • category award for Nature series in the 9th Julia Margaret Cameron Award for women photographers, given at the Berlin Foto Bienalle 2016
  • finalist for Critical Mass 2016
  • invited to participate in Review Santa Fe 2016
  • reviewed by